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Connector LLC is a corporation that creates highly cost-effective platforms for service providers to let referral sources know when they are taking new patients.  The service is free to use for referral sources and is very low cost for providers.  Recovery Connector is the first site created by Connector LLC.

Recovery Connector’s mission is to help addiction service providers fill openings for services they provide in the most efficient and ethical manner possible.  At the same time, Recovery Connector helps referral sources whether they are ER physicians, social workers, peace officers, police, fire or simply concerned family members to quickly find treatment providers who are currently taking new patients.

Recovery Connector is a stable, reliable multi-platform responsive site, soon to be available in both Android and Apple app stores.

Referral sources are able to quickly find available services that are less than a day old, which cuts down on time wasted searching and calling full facilities.

Service providers post available services only when they have availability, this means that their intake phones will only ring when the facility wants them to ring.  Facilities who have no availability do NOT appear in the search results.

Patients who have made the bold decision to actually seek treatment can be connected with treatment services quickly, hopefully before they change their mind about seeking treatment.


Recovery Connector is NOT a directory of all service providers.